PROFILE: Treeosix Adventure Parks

I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2008 with a degree in Marketing and Tourism. As a farm kid, born and raised in Climax, Saskatchewan, I honestly thought that I’d just be taking over the family farm. However, my dad was pretty clear to me when he said that he’d like me to find my own path and pursue something that I was passionate about. 

After dreaming up ideas for hours on end on the air seeder, I put together five different business plans and ran them through a feasibility study that I had created while in university. The best idea seemed to just seemed to fall into my lap and so it began; my new career as an entrepreneur.

The bona fide pioneer of guided, eco-friendly zip line tours in Saskatchewan.

IMG_7722I founded Treeosix Adventure Parks (formerly Eco-Adventures) on November 15th, 2010. My first location, the Cypress Hills tour, is located in the heart of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in southwest Saskatchewan. At that moment in time, my company was one of the first three companies in Canada who were unleashing the joy of zip lining to visitors from all walks of life! As that location’s popularity grew (which coincided with a refining of our key adventures), I embarked on a new adventure in northern Saskatchewan. My second location, the Elk Ridge tour, brought some adrenaline to the beautiful Elk Ridge Resort in northern Saskatchewan in 2015.


As of today, with the help of an amazing crew of people, we offer over 6,000 linear feet of zip lines through the two most spectacular forest ecosystems that Saskatchewan has to offer; not too bad for a small town farm boy with big dreams. Haha! Pair that with our amazing ship’s ladders, rope ladders, heart-pumping sky bridges, high ropes courses, parachute simulators (Cypress Hills), giant swings (Elk Ridge), frisbee golf, slackline parks, spikeball courts, and the most experienced/hilarious zip line tour guide team in province and you’ve got a recipe for an adrenaline pumping, nature-loving, authentically Saskatchewanian good time!

You are sure to find more stories and opinions about small business from me in the future. I’d love to designate a small area of this blog space as one where I can share some of my learnings over the years in an effort to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners. If there is any particular aspect of small business that you aren’t finding online, let me know! I’ll throw in my two cents!

Lastly, if you are ever in Saskatchewan, stop in and say hello!

Better yet, to book a zip line tour or for more information, visit my website:


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