Four Technology Partners that Changed the Game for Treeosix

I realized shortly after starting my adventure tourism business that I needed to find some tech partners that would make my business easier to operate as well as make improvements overall that would enhance my guest experience. Here are the areas that I was looking for assistance in:

  • reservations and tour scheduling
  • staff scheduling and time clock services
  • guest experience improvements
  • improved web presence

Thankfully I stumbled upon these businesses that have helped changed the game for Treeosix.

rezgoRezgo is the leading online tour operator booking system in my opinion. They make it possible to manage your entire business, get paid faster & sell more tours through more channels (as they integrate seamlessly with TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Viator).

What makes Rezgo such a good fit for my adventure tourism business is that it is specifically designed and built for booking tours, activities, excursions, and events while giving business owners like me complete control over the ability to tailor the software to my business. It’s completely customizable and if you are even slightly creative, you can figure out a way for it to work for you. By being able to offer my guests online reservations (around 60% of total bookings are created this way for me) and electronic gift card options, Rezgo has made it possible for me to turn my focus over to making other parts of my business better.

subitupSubItUp is an employee management solution designed to streamline staff scheduling, timekeeping, attendance tracking and more. Not only are they reasonably priced but they worked with me directly to find a subscription plan that works for my seasonal business which was a major plus for me.

I’ve been using this staff scheduling software for a few years now and I’ve experienced nothing but time savings year after year as they add more functionality and features. I can create the full summer schedule for my 26 employees in about 30 minutes. Once the team has received their schedule (through the handy dandy app), the staff have full control over switching shifts with other team members (no more asking the managers for days off) and requesting days off. Last season they added time clock functionality which saved me hours each pay period with easy to use reports that made payroll a breeze.

fotaflo-01Fotaflo is a digital media marketing solution designed to capture and share memories for the adventure tourism and camp industries, generating revenue through direct photo sales. As a technology leader in the industry, they offer the latest in photo, video, and mobile technology to ensure the best memories from my adventures are captured, grouped and distributed to my guests efficiently and in a timely manner. Their web portal which has been one of their biggest updates to their service is a key component in driving referral business for my company.

The best part about Fotaflo though, in my opinion, is their philosophy towards business. It seems like every other photo provider that I’ve talked to tries to explain how they are going to make me more money by selling more photos to guests; whereas Fotaflo is trying to create a marketing platform where value is being created by referrals from past guests rather than focussing on revenue from photo sales directly. It’s a subtle but important difference in how they view the future of photo sales for adventure tourism and summer camps. I dig it and love working with them because of it.

bravotangoBravo Tango is a full-service advertising agency with offices located in Regina, SK and Kelowna, BC. Since being founded in 2008, they have provided big agency services without big agency price tags. I’ve only enlisted their services in terms of web design and hosting for Treeosix Adventure Parks but I’ve always found them extremely easy to work with over the years, regardless which team member I am dealing with.

When it comes to selecting a company to keep your web presence competitive, I believe that you need a group that can provide awesome creative when needed, good hints, tips and recommendations, as well as quick turnaround times for proofs and updates. Bravo Tango nails every single one of these for me and I couldn’t be happier.

All of these technology partners have played a key role in helping me grow, expand, and develop my business into what it is today. Based on the colour and designs of their logos, you’d think Rezgo, SubItUp, Fotaflo, Bravo Tango are all on the same team which is kind of funny when you think about it. I assure you they are completely independent of one another so it must be a case of “great minds think alike”.  🙂

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